Now Your Gear Can Evolve With Your Skills!!

The Polygon Group operates Australia's largest group of rental businesses. We exist for the players, the creators, the musicians. All our rentals are designed to help connect you to the things you love. We want to help you follow your passion.

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Who We Are

The Polygon Group has been providing rental solutions for over 30 years.

We offer people the chance to follow their passion.

To create. To learn. To play.
To get inspired and inspire others.

We understand passion. We know why passion is such a driving force in peoples lives.

We also understand when you're excited about learning something your skills can outgrow your gear too quickly.

That's why we're here. We exist for the players, the creators, the musicians.

We help people follow their passion every day. So what's yours?...

The Polygon Group also provides dedicated rental portals for a select group of major manufacturers in Australia.

The Benefits of Renting

We connect people to the things they need to follow their passion. As you skills develop you need the ability to upgrade your gear. With the Polygon Group your gear can evolve with you.
The things you find at The Polygon Group are for creating. They're not to be thrown away or lie forgotten in the cupboard.
That's why we make it easy to have the gear you need to follow your passion and to share it on when you're done.
When you're ready for the next step, return your gear to us any time after your minimum rental period & try something else.

What People Say About us

I hightly recommend this company, great customer service and rental equipment at affordable prices... I'm renting a lens atm and loving it.
– Nik
I think what you guys do is awesome... for people like me who have been playing for 20 years to be able to update, and also try out different guitars/amps etc.
– Darren
It's been a pleasure doing business with a professional company such as The Polygon Group, I can never thank you enough for the support & kindness you have shown me.
– Dwayne
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